National Salvation Front says 'Egyptians will impose their will' following anti-Morsi rallies

Ahram Online, Sunday 30 Jun 2013

Egypt's main opposition group, National Salvation Front, believes majority of Egyptians want to put an end to President Morsi's rule

File photo: Ex-Egyptian presidential candidate, Hamdeen Sabbahi, center left, speaks during a press conference following the meeting of the NSF as former director of the U.N.'s nuclear agency and Nobel peace laureate, Mohamed El Baradei, center, and former Egyptian Foreign Minister and presidential candidate, Amr Moussa, center right (Photo: AP)

The main opposition coalition group, the National Salvation Front, has issued a “revolutionary statement" to comment on ongoing mass rallies against Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's rule.

"In the name of the Egyptian people with all their factions, the National Salvation Front announces public endorsement of the ouster of the regime of Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood," the statement reads.

"The Egyptian population continue their revolution and will impose their will, which has become unequivocally clear in all Egypt's squares.

"The Salvation Front also trusts that the Egyptian people will protect its revolution until peaceful transition of power is fulfilled...we also call on all political forces and all citizens to remain peaceful…and refrain from dealing with the failed Brotherhood government until the fall of this tyrannical organisation."

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