Egyptian expats in London protest against President Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood

Amer Sultan in London, Sunday 30 Jun 2013

Egyptians in UK hold anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations to demand President Morsi's ouster in advance of snap presidential polls; Pro-Morsi protest in Manchester

Egyptians are protesting against the Muslim Brotherhood outside the country's embassy in London (photo: AO)

Hundreds of Egyptians in the UK staged anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations calling on President Mohamed Morsi to step down immediately to make way for early presidential elections.

They also appealed to the UK government to put pressure on Morsi to resign.

"No to remnants of the former regime; No to military rule; No to the Muslim Brotherhood," they shouted during a three-hour demonstration outside the Egyptian embassy in London.

Protesters held banners aloft comparing Morsi to Hitler, the Nazi leader.

"Revolution until victory," one banner read.

They also blamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood movement for the economic and political crisis in Egypt since Morsi's assumption of power one year ago.

The demonstration was organised by several Egyptian expatriate groups, including United Copts, United Egyptians, the Rebel Campaign UK and the Egyptian Society for Change.

In a petition delivered to the UK prime minster's office, protest organisers called on the government to halt all contacts and cooperation with Egypt until President Morsi steps downs.

"We call on the UK government to declare Egypt a 'country of concern' in relation to human rights," the petition said. 

A copy of the petition was also delivered to the Egyptian embassy in London.

Some of the protesters came from different cities in the UK.

They also rejected any role for the military in Egyptian domestic politics in the event Morsi resigns.


Meanwhile, Egyptian and Arab Islamists in Manchester, northwest London, protested in support of President Morsi.

The demonstrators warned against toppling the elected president and condemned violence.

“No to violence...Yes to legitimacy,” they chanted.  “Democracy means respecting the people’s will and choice.”

“We are all one hand for the progress of Egypt," one of their banners read.

Islamists from Yemen, Palestine and Tunisia participated in the protest.  

“Democracy = the opinion of the people + a full presidential term,” another banner read.


“We have to support Morsi for the security and stability of Egypt,” Omar, an Egyptian young man, said.

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