Protests continue in Tahrir Square on Monday

Monday 1 Jul 2013

Egyptians return to Cairo's Tahrir Square for continuation of anti-Morsi protests

Tahrir Square on Monday (Photo: Mina Adel)

Thousands of protesters returned to Tahrir Square on Monday for the continuation of yesterday's mass demonstrations against President Mohamed Morsi.

Street vendors resumed their activities and the speaker on the main stage thanked people for coming out again to protest.

He also warned that subversive elements might try to provoke riots aimed at dividing the demonstrators.

"There will be marches from all over Cairo to Tahrir Square and the presidential palace tomorrow [Tuesday] like on Sunday," said Ragai Raouf, who is at the sit-in in Tahrir Square.

"The demonstrations will continue until President Morsi resigns and the Muslim Brotherhood is toppled," Raouf added.

Raouf continued, "There is an agreement between all the opposition forces that tents in Tahrir Square will not display party affiliations."

Protesters forced the closure of the Mugamma, the centre of Egypt's sprawling bureaucratic system, on Monday morning.

"The closure of the Mugamma has two purposes: firstly, it is a response to the murder of protesters in front of the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Muqattam on Sunday; secondly, it is the start of a nationwide civil disobedience campaign that will be rolled out on Tuesday afternoon if Morsi rejects the revolutionaries' demands," said Younes Megeid, who came from Sinai to join the Tahrir sit-in.

The 'Rebel' campaign (Tamarod) and 30 June Front on Sunday accused President Morsi of losing his legitimacy. They warned that civil disobedience would be the next step should he remain in power after Sunday’s massive protests that called for his ouster.

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