Egypt's Salafist Call, Nour Party calls for early presidential polls

Ahram Online, Tuesday 2 Jul 2013

Largest Salafist group demands early presidential elections, although they support Morsi’s legitimacy, and government of technocrats

Egypt’s Salafist Call and its political arm, the Nour Party, have called on President Mohamed Morsi to set a date for early presidential elections to avoid “civil war.” 

“Even though we support the legitimacy [of President Morsi], it [Egypt’s interests] should also be taken into consideration … and work on preventing a civil war,” reads their statement, which was released late on Monday.

Deciding to remain neutral, the Salafist Call and Nour Party refrained from joining the 30 June protests demanding the president’s dismissal, and also the counter rallies supporting Morsi’s “legitimacy.”

But after two days of massive protests against Morsi, they endorsed the opposition’s main demand (early presidential elections), and also called for a government of technocrats and a committee for constitutional amendments.

According to the statement, an “unbiased” government of technocrats should be formed to work on solving the problems of the Egyptian people and monitor parliamentary elections.

The Salafist Call had said last June that it recognises Morsi as the elected president who should remain in office for four years, in accordance to the constitution.

However, it also said that it does not, in principle, oppose holding early presidential elections, saying the president alone should make such a decision.

Sixteen people were killed in violence between the embattled president’s supporters and opponents on Sunday in clashes across the nation. 

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