Egypt’s April 6 announces 6-step election road map

Ahram Online, Tuesday 2 Jul 2013

Youth movement gives Morsi until 5pm Wednesday to hand over power to HCC head; calls for presidential elections within 3 months

April 6 Founder Ahmed Maher(Photo: Al-Ahram Arabic)

Egypt’s April 6 Youth Movement held a press conference on Tuesday to announce their six-step political map leading to early presidential elections.

The movement is demanding that President Mohamed Morsi announce before 5pm on Wednesday the dissolution of the Islamist-dominated Shura Council, the freezing of the constitution, and the transfer of power to the head of the High Constitutional Court (HCC).

Once that is implemented, the movement suggests that a committee of two prominent constitution and law experts be formed to propose constitutional amendments and feild suggestions from political forces. The amendments would be later voted on in a public referendum.

“The head of the constitutional court must set the date for presidential elections within one week of his appointment to power," read the statement, adding that the entire electoral process (elections, election-runoffs, and results) must be completed within three months of the HCC head's appointment.

The fourth demand is for the formation of a 'National Salvation' cabinet of non-partisan technocrats.

According to movement's proposal, the HCC will chose a prime minister, in addition to his three deputies, from nominations submitted by political forces.

The movement also calls for the formation of a 'Revolution Guards Council' composed of all political forces "without exclusion." The council will be responsible for policy-making until the House of Representatives is elected.

The statement also included "a call for true national reconciliation between all factions."

In addition, the movement wishes to hold parliamentary elections "within six months to a year" from the HCC head's assumption to power.

The statement stressed that the above-proposed map has been agreed upon by national forces.

Wednesday, the deadline set by April 6, also marks the end of the ultimatum period set by the Egyptian Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces issued a televised statement on Monday giving political forces 48 hours to "fulfill the people's demands" or else it will present its own political "roadmap" featuring all political currents.

However, the Rebel movement has earlier stated that it will call for civil disobedience if President Morsi does not step down by Tuesday afternoon.

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