Morsi advisor: Army ultimatum caused Egypt crisis and fear of coup

Ahram Online , Wednesday 3 Jul 2013

Brotherhood member and presidential advisor Sondos Asem charges that army ultimatum is causing political crisis and fear of coup

Egypt is now in a political crisis because of the Armed Forces' 48-hour ultimatum for President Mohamed Morsi and opposition to reconcile, charges presidential advisor and Brotherhood member, Sondos Asem.

"...we believe that yesterday's business has actually increased polarisation and escalated tensions on Egyptian streets... the army needs to stay out of politics.

"It has led to fears of an impending military coup. We cannot undo two and a half years of our revolution and turn back the clock by going back either to the military, either directly or indirectly," he said to CNN in a television interview.

For weeks, opposition has been calling for protests on 30 June - the year anniversary of Morsi taking the presidential seat. Days before the protests, both Islamists and anti-Morsi groups began demonstrating, and, indeed, the anti-Morsi demonstrations peaked on 30 June into what international media calls the largest protests of all time.

Facing stark social and political divisions, an Armed Forces spokesperson read out an extremely concise ultimatum on state television Monday.

The speech gave Egyptian political forces and parties - including the ruling Muslim Brotherhood and presidency - 48 hours to end the political impasse or the army will propose an inclusive political roadmap. No further details were given.

The deadline is Wednesday, 4:30pm Cairo time.

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