A Soul delegation to address Copt sit-in

MENA, Sunday 13 Mar 2011

A Muslim/Christian group from Soul will clarify events surrounding the burning of their ‎church in order to convince a Coptic sit-in to dissipate

A delegation of young Muslims and Christians from Soul, where recent religious clashes have taken place, will speak with Copts who are demonstrating in front of the radio TV headquarters, known as Maspero.

The sit-in was a reaction to the burning of Two Martyrs Church in Soul, south Cairo, which was the height of a dispute between a Muslim and Christian family whose children had fallen in love. The church burning forced thousands of Christians to evacuate their homes.

One of the members of the delegation told the official news agency, MENA that the group will not try to force the group to end their sit in, but will, rather try to clarify to them the situation in Soul, since, he says, the media did not provide an accurate picture of what is exactly happening.

The group member, who preferred to remain anonymous, says that the delegation is currently talking with the army and prominent families in Helwan, the governorate where Soul is located, to maximise their efforts and hope for a successful outcome.

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