Egypt interim president praises youth in first speech

Ahram Online, Thursday 4 Jul 2013

Adly Mansour commends the youth, armed forces, media, police and judiciary for their role in unprecedented popular demonstrations

Interim President Adly Mansour
Interim President Adly Mansour (Source :Screen Capture)

Adly Mansour, the newly-appointed head of the High Constitutional Court (HCC), took the presidential oath of office on Thursday morning.

The swearing-in ceremony began on Thursday morning with the national anthem and an address delivered by his deputy.

"I swear by Almighty God that I will uphold the republican system, respect the constitution and the law, look after the interests of the people, protect the independence of the nation and the safety of its land," Adly said.

While Egypt's new interim president was being sworn in, tens of Mohamed Morsi-supporters protested outside the High Constitutional Court in Cairo. Security forces formed a cordon around them to impede potential clashes with celebrating citizens on the street. Army soldiers and tanks surrounded the HCC headquarters.

HCC deputy head Maher Sami gave a speech in what he described as a "historical day" when Egypt witnessed the High Constitutional Court being entrusted with leading the transition period. He thanked the youth, who led such change to win back the 2011 revolution, for taking to the streets in millions on 30 June.

He extended also his gratitude to the Egyptian people for standing by the High Constitutional Court when it was under attack by Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood supporters, staying under siege for nearly a month, to prevent its judges from doing their jobs.

In a brief speech to a rapturous applause after the oath, Mansour said he was honoured and proud to be commissioned to the presidency by the "great Egyptian people: the master, the leader and the source of powers."

Adly then saluted the army, the judiciary, the police and the media for the significant role they played in the momentous turnaround.

Hailing the people for bringing the "glorious" 2011 revolution back on track on 30 June, Mansour urged clinging to the ideals of the revolution, namely, ending "the worship of the ruler."

Genuine, free presidential and parliamentary elections that reflect the true will of the people is the only gateway to free, democratic and just future, Mansour stated.

Mansour went on to laud the armed forces for protecting the nation and responding to the call of the Egyptian people. He saluted the judiciary for fending off assaults on its independence and credibility of its judges. He also extended his gratitude to the Egyptian police.

"I thank the police who realised that their true place is by the side of the people, guarding their interests and demands under the banner of the law."

He also lauded the Egyptian media outlets for "lightening the road for the nation and uncovering the failures of the former regime."

Adly Mansour was sworn in as head of the High Constitutional Court (HCC) on Thursday morning, a day after Islamist president Mohamed Morsi was forced out of power by the army. He was appointed to the position in May and his term officially started on 30 June after former leader Judge Maher El-Beheiry reached the retirement age.

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