The Mubaraks cast their ballots

Dina Ezzat, Sunday 28 Nov 2010

The First family cast their votes at their neighbourhood voting station this morning

Mubaraks vote

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak cast his vote today, arriving with First Lady Suzanne Mubarak just before 10am at the parliamentary voting station of the Heliopolis High School for Girls. Both dressed in dark suits and acknowledging the gathered crowds as they entered the grounds, they cast their ballots independently in the separate booths allocated for men and women.

Their younger son, Gamal Mubarak -- NDP Assistant Secretary-General and Chair of the ruling party's influential Policies Committee -- had arrived earlier, a little after 9 am, taking his turn in the queue of voters.

At the polling station as well, were speaker of the Shura Council and Secretary-General of the NDP Safwat El-Sherif, Minister of Interior Habib Al-Adli, and Cairo Governor Abdel-Azim Wazir.

In Heliopolis, the electoral district of the Presidential family, Oil and Mineral Resources Minister Samah Fahmi is the primary NDP candidate. His main rival, Manal Aboul-Hassan, is running for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Traditionally, the Heliopolis seat has gone to the NDP candidate.

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