Brotherhood advocates El Omda, Abdel-Maksoud arrested for Cairo Uni clashes

El-Sayed Gamal Eddin, Saturday 6 Jul 2013

Public prosecution imprisons Brotherhood TV host El-Omda and Attorney Abdel-Maksoud for involvement in 16 deaths near Cairo University

Egypt's public prosecution imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood advocates Mohamed El-Omda and Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud in relation to the deaths of 16 and the injury of 200 Wednesday near Cairo University.

Pellets, live ammunition and Molotov cocktails were reported during the clashes near Bein Al-Sarayat district of Giza, next to Egypt's highly-populated Cairo University in the early hours Wednesday after the army deposed president Mohamed Morsi.

El-Omda was a former MP and hosts a television show on the Brotherhood's Misr 25 television channel that was shut down as part of the army's anti-Brotherhood clean-up after deposing Morsi. Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud is a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer. 

An estimated 33 million came out to protest on 30 June to press the Brotherhood-fielded president to step down, but counter-demonstrations supported Morsi - though in much smaller numbers. When Morsi announced he was going to defend his "legitimacy," i.e. not resign, Egypt's military gave a 48-hour ultimatum for the two sides to resolve the political impasse. The deadline passed and the army took over the political process in a televised statement with the very top opposition and religious leaders in the picture as a symbol of their support. Supreme Court Chief Judge Adly Mansour was sworn in as interim leader. 

Brotherhood supporters came out in droves demanding Morsi be reinstated and clashes ensued around the country, including near Cairo University. 

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