Egypt actor Aly Sobhy released along with 38 other revolutionary youth

Wael Eskandar, Sunday 13 Mar 2011

More than a hundred protesters remain in army custody awaiting trial in a military court

Aly Sobhy
Aly Sobhy

Egyptian actor Aly Sobhy has been released four days after his arrest on 13 March. Sobhy was released when the military could not find evidence of wrongdoing. Sobhy was arrested on 9 March in a series of indiscriminate arrests that took place on Tahrir that day.

The art community was outraged at his arrest. A Facebook group had been set up demanding the release of Aly Sobhy. In addition, numerous videos have been created by artists to protest the arrest.

Sobhy was released in the early hours of Sunday 13 March at approximately 3am, along with Ragy El Kashef, Mohamed Tarek and 22 others. The 17 females arrested were also released.

With these releases there are approximately 150 more people under arrest awaiting military trial.

According to lawyer Ragia Omran, “the army does not have any right to try civilians in a military court.”

Omran explains that the army has assumed jurisdiction and control despite not having declared martial law. The army has used the curfew as an excuse for trying civilians in a military court. It is worth noting the arrests mentioned were made before curfew.

“We request that civilians be tried in civilian courts,” says Omran. “Those detained need to have civil lawyers rather than one appointed by the military.”

The families of those still detained continue to protest outside the ministry of defense. 

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