Nour Party, Salafist Call say army reaction disproportionate

Ahram Online, Monday 8 Jul 2013

Salafist call and its political wing Nour Party condemn Cairo violence and call for all sides to stop incitement

Yasser Borhamy
Salafist Call founder Yasser Borhamy (Photo: Reuters)

In a statement released on Monday, the Salafist Call and its political wing, the Nour Party, condemned the killings at the Republican Guards headquarters on Monday which left at least 51 dead, saying the events violated Islamic doctrine.  

"Even if it was a reaction to people climbing the walls of the Republican Guards headquarters, it is a highly out of proportion," the statement read.

The Salafists' statement called on the army to avoid such confrontations, warning that they will only inflame the situation even more and push the country into civil war.

"It is enough that the number of injuries since 30 June has reached thousands, and yesterday alone saw 55 killed, some during prayers," the statement reads.

The Salafist Call and Nour Party, called on all parties to stop incitement, as clashes will leave "everyone a loser and lead to the country’s collapse." 

They also called for dialogue involving all political groups and "in which each party knows it cannot win everything."

Also, they called on media to "avoid discourse that attacks Islamic principles and that seeks to exclude political factions based on their Islamic political ideology, which is endorsed by the whole nation."

The statemen, moreover, urged the judiciary to treat all equally and to release political prisoners.

Bloody clashes erupted in the early hours of Monday between the Egyptian army and pro-Morsi protesters at the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo.

The clashes left at least 51 civilians dead and 435 injured, the ministry of health said on Monday afternoon.

The Egyptian army said one officer died and 42 soldiers were injured, including eight critically.

Conflicting reports have emerged as to how the clashes started. Army statements blamed attacks on the headquarters by “armed groups” while Morsi’s supporters claimed their peaceful protest was attacked without provocation.

On Monday morning, the Salafist Nour Party announced that, in reaction to the violence, it would withdraw from negotiations for a new government and a new constitutional declaration. 

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