Egyptian armed forces release statement hailing new roadmap

Ahram Online, Tuesday 9 Jul 2013

Military says new roadmap put forth by constitutional declaration should leave all parties 'secure' and warns against attempts to obstruct it

The Egyptian armed forces released a statement on Tuesday hailing the new roadmap and the constitutional declaration issued by interim president Adly Mansour.

The military is able to fulfill their responsibilities and is aware of the dangers of the coming period, read the statement, and is sure that all forces want the country to get through this “difficult transition period.”

The statement warned against obstructing the path set forward by the new roadmap using non-peaceful methods.

The president, it said, has announced a constitutional declaration that puts forward steps towards a new constitution “clarifying the path which gives everyone enough reason to feel secure.”

“No party after that should trespass against the nation’s will or try and go against it, no matter what the excuse is,” the statement said adding, that the people will not accept such actions.

Egypt's interim president Adly Mansour issued on Sunday a constitutional declaration that will remain effective until the end of the ongoing transitional period, expected to last at least six months.

The declaration sets a roadmap for constitutional amendments, followed by parliamentary then presidential elections.  

The declaration, which came into effect late Monday, consists of 33 articles. It will be automatically canceled when an amended version of the suspended constitution is approved in a referendum.

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