Egypt's Popular Current condemns Israel's Prawer Plan

Ahram Online , Tuesday 16 Jul 2013

Silence on Israel's plan to evict Palestinian Bedouins is a crime against the Arab nation, says founder of Egyptian Popular Current Hamdeen Sabbahi

The Egyptian Popular Current, a Nasserist political group, slammed on Tuesday Israel's Prawer Plan, which aims to forcibly displace tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouins in the Negev-Naqab desert.

"The popular current refuses schemes of the 'Judaisation' of occupied Arab territories that is escalating daily in a series of ethnic cleansing and 'Judaisation' practiced by the occupation authorities [Israel]," said the group in a statement issued Tuesday.

The group further expressed its support for political and popular forces mobilising for a general strike in the 1948 Palestinian territories in an attempt to defy the "racist scheme," hoping that the strike would echo in occupied Jerusalem, West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The Prawer Plan, which its first reading was approved last June in the Knesset, aims to expropriate over 800,000 dunams (1 dunam = 1000 square metres) of land in the Negev-Naqab desert and expel between 30,000 to 50,000 Palestinian Bedouins.

The plan outraged Palestinians and Arabs who saw it is as another Nakba or catastrophe (the mass displacement of Palestinians by nascent Jewish state in 1948) in the history of Palestine and is calling for a general strike to halt the plan.

"Confiscation of thousands of acres and displacing our people in Palestine is a threat that requires confrontation, silence on the Prawer Plan is a crime against the nation," said founder of  Egypt's Popular Current Hamdeen Sabbahi via Twitter.

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