Brotherhood leader slams police's excessive force against Morsi supporters

Ahram Online , Wednesday 17 Jul 2013

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie condemns police violence against Morsi supporters, accusing it of inciting thugs to attack protesters

Mohamed Badie
Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie (Photo: Reuters)

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie has condemned the police for using excessive force against Mohamed Morsi supporters, accusing it of inciting violence on Monday night.

"The police announced over and over that it will protect the peaceful protests and it has already done this in the peaceful protests of those opposing the constitutional democracy," said Badie via Facebook on Wednesday, referring to the 30 June nationwide protests.

"When the protests supporting legitimacy went to the streets of Cairo and its squares, they were met by police violence and brutality," said Badie, accusing the Egyptian police of firing tear gas on the protesters while they were praying at El-Fatah Mosque in Cairo's downtown area of Ramses.

He also accused the police of using live ammunition and birdshots to disperse the protesters as well inciting thugs to attack the protesters.

Last Monday, the health ministry declared that clashes between pro-Morsi supporters and police forces resulted in the death of 7 and the injury of 261. 

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