Bomb explodes outside police station in Egypt's Ismailia

Ahram Online, Saturday 20 Jul 2013

Bomb explodes Saturday evening outside police station in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia destroying three police vehicles, with no casualties reported

A bomb exploded in the parking area of Abu Soweir police station in Ismailia Saturday evening, destroying three police vehicles.

The bomb exploded fifteen minutes after sunset prayers, the time of breaking the fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan. There were no casualties.

The bomb's explosion reportedly shook the ground beneath the buildings around the police station, although there was no reported damage to the buildings.

Dozens of residents gathered in a protest in front of the station following the explosion, accusing the Muslim Brotherhood - from which ousted president Mohamed Morsi hails - of being behind the incident, according to Ahram's reporter in the Suez Canal city.

Bomb experts arrived at the police station following the explosion to determine the type of the bomb. No official statement had been released by the interior minister at the time of publication.

Earlier this week, the ministry announced it had detected and detonated a bomb near Gamaa Bridge in Giza.

Since the ouster of Morsi by the military on 3 July, Egypt has continued to see rival protests as Morsi's supporters rally for his reinstatement, amid concerns from some opponents over Morsi's supporters turning to violence to press for their demands.

The Muslim Brotherhood had reiterated since Morsi's ouster that it would never resort to violence and will continue to protest peacefully for the president's reinstatement.

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