Amr Moussa steps down as Egypt Conference Party head

MENA, Sunday 21 Jul 2013

Resignation intended to 'clear path for new generation', however Moussa promises to remain active in political scene

Former presidential candidate Amr Moussa announced on Sunday that he has stepped down as head of the Egyptian Conference Party, to be replaced by his deputy Mohamed El-Orabi.

According to a party statement, Moussa's resignation came as an attempt to "clear the path for a new and different generation."

El-Orabi's appointment has yet to be approved by the party's general assembly, which will meet in two weeks.

Moussa, who came in fifth in Egypt's first post-revolution presidential election, asserted in his statement that he is not leaving the political scene, adding that he will continue to struggle against corruption as an Egyptian citizen. He also denied leaving the National Salvation Front, which he co-founded.

The Conference Party was formed in September by a coalition of 25 political movements uniting under the leadership of former Arab League secretary-general Amr Moussa.

The party contains several offshoots of Hosni Mubarak's now-defunct National Democratic Party, including the Conservatives Party, the Freedom Party, and the Egyptian Citizen Party.

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