Sinai tribes declare they will protect Egypt borders, demand rights

Ahram Online, Tuesday 15 Mar 2011

Sinai tribes demand rights as equal citizens and compensation for losses and deaths

Families of Sinai’s tribes have confirmed in a conference held by them that they uphold the values of 25 January revolution and accordingly have vowed to protect Egypt's borders in cooperation with Egypt’s armed forces. They also stated that they supports Sinai’s development project and urged its immediate start.

The conference called for the abolishment of all laws restricting investment in Sinai and demanded citizenship rights with equal rights to Egyptians including the right to own land. The tribes' families also demanded that all charges against Sinai residents be dropped, compensations given to those that have been detained, and those responsible for killing Sinai Bedouins before and after the 25 January revolution be tried, in addition to the trial of those responsible for wasting public money allocated for the development of Sinai.  

Several of the conference attendees also requested that a ministry be created to assume responsibility for the release of Egyptians held in Israeli prisons. 

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