Morsi supporters call on UK not to recognise Egypt’s new govt

Amer Sultan in London , Saturday 27 Jul 2013

Supporters of Mohamed Morsi in the UK have called for a demonstration on Sunday to protest what they describe as a 'coup' against the elected president

Morsi supporters call on UK
A supporter of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi carries a Mursi poster during a protest at the Rabaa Adawiya square, where Mursi supporters are camping, in Cairo July 27, 2013 (Photo: Reuters)

Supporters of Egypt’s ousted president Mohamed Morsi in the UK will deliver a petition asking the British government not to recognise the new Egyptian government.

They will hold a demonstration on Sunday to express their desire to “safeguard the achievements of the Jan 25 revolution in Egypt,” the organisers said in a statement.

“The protest will call upon the British government to acknowledge that what has happened was indeed a coup and to refrain from recognising or supporting the putschist government,” the statement added.

Morsi supporters in the UK accused the Egyptian military of attacking peaceful protesters “which has caused tragic deaths and injuries.”

Some Egyptians in the UK, however, strongly support the new government in Egypt, and have called on the interim government to take all necessary steps to stop what they call terrorism.

“We are against terror and support tough action by the interim regime with the help of the Egyptian army and police”, Dr Shenouda Shalaby, an Egyptian activist, told Ahram Online.

The UK Foreign Secretary William Hague on Saturday condemned the “use of force against protesters which has led to the loss of lives” in Egypt. The British government has expressed concerns about the ongoing transition but has stopped short of labelling Morsi’s ouster by the military on 3 July a “coup d’état.” 

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