El-Awa proposes initiative to end political crisis in Egypt

Ahram Online , Sunday 28 Jul 2013

Muslim Brotherhood says it will not consider any political initiatives except after talks with Islamist National Coalition to Support Legitimacy

Islamist thinker and former presidential candidate Mohamed Selim El-Awa proposed an initiative to end the political crisis in Egypt early Saturday in a press conference in Cairo.

The initiative is composed of five steps. The first step is based on articles 141 and 142 of the 2012 constitution, which was issued and drafted during ousted president Mohamed Morsi's one-year reign was suspended on 3 July upon his overthrow.

Article 142 states that the president can delegate some of his powers to either his prime minister, delegates, ministers or governors.

El-Awa proposed that the president delegates his entire powers to a new interim cabinet.

The second step is for the new transitional cabinet, which shall replace the incumbent interim government, to call for parliamentary elections within the next 60 days. Thirdly, after the parliament is chosen, a permanent cabinet should be formed.

Fourth, after the fulfillment of the previous steps, presidential elections should take place, in accordance with the constitution.

Finally, after a president is elected, the suggested amendments in the constitution should be considered and applied.

Well-known constitutional law expert and judge Tarek El Beshary and Islamist writer Fahmy Howaidi have also endorsed this initiative.

In a press statement issued late Saturday, the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Morsi hails, stated that it appreciated the efforts to retain constitutional legitimacy.

The group hinted that the Brotherhood would issue a comment on the initiatives proposed only after talks and consultations with the National Coalition to Support Legitimacy (consisting of Islamist groups and parties), in order to bring down what it called a "military coup."

The statement was published on the Brotherhood's official Facebook page after the initiative was proposed by El-Awa.

The Salafist Nour Party said in a statement also issued on Saturday that there is no way to end the current political crisis in Egypt except through dialogue and negotiations in order to reach a political solution.

Nour Party called on parties and political powers in Egypt to accept the initiatives proposed recently, including El-Awa's, which it believes can be a good basis for dialogue, given the possibility of amending some of the initiative's terms.

The party urged all political actors in Egypt to show flexibility in order to protect the unity of Egypt.

Neither the interim president nor his cabinets have commented on the initiative.

Clashes on Friday and Saturday has left at least 80 dead according to the latest health ministry figures, majority of dead and injured were Pro-Morsi supporters in Rabaa El-Adawiya, where a month-long vigil has been held to demand the reinstatement of deposed president Morsi.

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