11 detained in Upper Egypt after sectarian clashes

Ahram Online, Tuesday 6 Aug 2013

11 are arrested after a fight between a Christian and Muslim escalates to an attack on Evangelical and Apostolic churches; a corpse is found roadside

Egypt's prosecutor-general ordered the detention of 11 people for a 15-day period on Tuesday pending investigations into sectarian clashes in Minya in Upper Egypt.

The corpse of a male shot in the head was found on a road in Minya and is suggested to have been killed in the clashes, state news agency MENA reported Tuesday. Up until Monday there are reportedly 17 wounded from the clashes, but no reported deaths.

The prosecution accuses the detainees of arson, terrorising the population, intentional murder and possession of unlicensed firearms.

Clashes erupted in eastern Bani Ahmed village in Minya on Saturday when a fight broke out between a Muslim and a Christian at a cafeteria. It escalated shortly after when the crowd grew and quickly became violent.

There are conflicting accounts on what caused the fight.  

The Evangelical and Apostolic churches were attacked in the aggression. Seven houses were torched while dozens of shops and at least nine cars were damaged.

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