Egypt:Alleged Israeli agent is Jordanian

Ahram Portal, Wednesday 16 Mar 2011

Prosecution identify the alleged Israeli spy as a Jordanian man who entered the country under the guise of a businessman

The man accused of being an Israeli agent has admitted that he came to Egypt after the 25 January uprising with the intent to report on the country’s changing dynamics. The alleged spy is a Jordanian national, according to authorities, and entered the country under the cover of a businessman interested in making investments.

Furthermore, the spy declared in front of the Supreme State Security prosecution that he was spying for the Israeli Mossad. He explained that the Mossad wanted him to report on opinions, information and any events taking place in Egypt. Accordingly, he professed to handing in daily reports detailing what was happening on the ground.

The arrest of the spy was announced yesterday and the Supreme State security is currently reviewing and investigating his case. 

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