ElBaradei: Challenge is to smother tyranny and authoritarianism

Ahram Online, Saturday 10 Aug 2013

Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei calls for focus on revolution values amid criticism from both sides of the current political crisis

Mohamed Elbaradei (Photo: AP)

Addressing the public through his Twitter account in both Arabic and English, Mohamed ElBaradei, Egypt's vice president for international affairs wrote, "The revolution was for freedom, human dignity and social justice," adding: "[The] challenge is to smother tyranny and authoritarianism in all its forms. Time is critical."

ElBaradei recently came under attack by both supporters and opponents of ousted president Mohamed Morsi. Those supporting Muslim Brotherhood exclusion complained that his stances weren't "solid enough" for the current situation, following consecutive statements by ElBaradei that violence is not the way to resolve problems, and that — referring to ongoing pro-Morsi demonstrations in Rabaa Al-Adawiya in Nasr City, Cairo — "dispersing the sit-in is not right."

Mohamed Morsi supporters, on the other hand, continuously attack ElBaradei for supporting the "military coup" and for having "blood on his hands," being vice president at a time when several pro-Morsi demonstrations have turned to bloody clashes with the police and unknown assailants in which dozens of protesters have been killed.

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