Egypt's opposition mulls to form coalition to run for elections

Salma Hussein, Thursday 17 Mar 2011

ElBaradei supporters, traditional opposition parties and the Muslim Brotherhood prepare for legislative elections by announcing a common programme

A broad spectrum of opposition groups have adopted the initiative of the Muslim Brotherhood of forming a common front with a unified programme to run as one bloc for legislative elections.

The bloc includes, along with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Al-Wafd (liberal), Nasserist and Tagammu (leftist) parties, in addition to previously banned parties like Karama (Nasserist) and Labour (Islamist).

The National Association for Change of Mohamed ElBaradei adhered the initiative.

The fifth round of negotiations and coordination was held yesterday at the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Cairo.

Al-Wafd party president, El-Sayed El-Badawi, announced in a press conference at the end of the meeting that the guidelines of a common programme are already in place. It includes political, social and economic features and even a foreign policy framework.

"Copts voiced their worries towards the Muslim Brotherhood," said Wafd Party member Ramy Lakah, concerns that Muslim Brotherhood leaders saw as legitimate, promising to work on calming their fears through practical steps, without specifying these steps nor a timeline.

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