Nour Party, Salafist Call condemn violence, UN intervention in Egypt

Ahram Online , Friday 16 Aug 2013

Nour Party and Salafist Call urge all parties to return to negotiations and talks to end Egypt's political crisis

The Salafist Call and its political arm the Nour Party have condemned the recent violence in Egypt as well the intervention of the UN Security Council in the country’s domestic affairs.

In a joint statement issued on Thursday, the Salafist groups said "At this time, we feel sad for the victims of Rabaa [Al-Adawiya] and Al-Nahda sit-ins. We expected the bloody scenes to make the parties involved in the crisis regret it and work on any solution to stop bloodshed. Yet, things are escalating violently.”

“We received indication of an international intervention in the Egyptian internal affairs as the [UN] Security Council called for a meeting to discuss what is happening in Egypt," read the statement, referring to an emergency meeting on Friday jointly requested by council members France, Britain and Australia.

The Salafist Call and the Nour Party insisted that the only path for Egypt to end the current violence and political crisis is through negotiations and talks. "Nour Party will not become weary from meditation or reconciliation attempts," said the statement, warning against violence.

The statement also warned the supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi from attacking the Egyptian army as well as accusing it of blasphemy.

The Nour Party and Salafist Call also condemned the attack on churches urging citizens not to rush into accusations without knowing the real assailants.

The Salafist Party and its founding movement also attacked the non-Islamist TV channels accusing it of inciting hate against all Islamists.

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