Morsi supporters protest in Cairo on 'Friday of Rage'

Ahram Online , Friday 16 Aug 2013

Pro-Morsi protesters rally at Cairo's Ramses Square to protest against 'coup' after police violently disperse their sit-ins

Ramses Square
Morsi supporters gather at Ramses Square (Photo: Mai Shaheen)

Supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi have begun gathering in Cairo’s Ramses Square near downtown for protests dubbed the 'Friday of Rage' after the violent dispersal of their sit-ins on Wednesday.

Marches by pro-Morsi protesters moving from several mosques in Cairo and Giza have arrived at the square. Angry crowds are chanting against the military, according to an Ahram Online reporter at the site.

A military helicopter occasionally circles above the square and some protesters have launched fireworks in apparent attempts to hit it, Ahram Online reported.

Two sit-ins by Morsi loyalists led by the Muslim Brotherhood were violently dispersed by police forces on Wednesday. The death toll so far has reached at least 638, according to the latest official figures.

The Muslim Brotherhood says the death count is far higher, reaching thousands.

Violence has erupted nationwide during and after the dispersals. Angry protesters attacked police stations, government buildings and Christian churches.

Armed assailants in several provinces attacked policemen and army soldiers. At least ten policemen and soldiers have been killed since Wednesday.

In a statement issued by the Muslim Brotherhood, the group insisted that it remains peaceful and accused all violent acts to be perpetrated by security forces to defame them.

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