Spokesman for Egypt's NSF quits group over support for 'police massacres'

Ahram Online, Friday 16 Aug 2013

Spokesman for key liberal coalition resigns in protest at group's support for police 'massacres' at pro-Morsi sit-ins

Khaled Dawoud (3rd from Right) at a presser for NSF (Photo: Reuters)

The official spokesman for the National Salvation Front resigned on Friday in protest at the group’s support for police violence against supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

Khaled Dawoud resigned from the front, a  liberal coalition that led opposition to Morsi, citing his rejection of the group’s support for the police's use of force against pro-Morsi demonstrators in a crackdown on Wednesday which left hundreds dead.

"The National Salvation Front has refused to condemn the massacre committed by security forces in dispersing [pro-Morsi] sit-ins in Rabaa and Nahda squares," said his resignation statement, posted on his Facebook account Friday.

"The front has clearly decided to side with the police in its ongoing confrontation with the Brotherhood."

Dawoud also rejected the "unacceptable attack" by some of the front's members on Mohamed ElBaradei, a leading liberal politician and member of the coalition who on Wednesday resigned his position as vice president following the crackdown.

Dawoud went on to stress that the only way out of the current crisis is a political solution that ensures the Brotherhood are reintegrated into the political process.

Clashes rapidly ensued on Friday afternoon after renewed protests by Morsi supporters. Dozens have been pronounced dead, with numbers expected to rise as violence continues.

The National Salvation Front was a strong supporter of the 30 June protests that demanded the resignation of Morsi and his subsequent ouster by the military.


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