Egypt's Rebel Campaign launches petition to cancel US aid, Israel peace treaty

Reuters , Sunday 18 Aug 2013

The Rebel Campaign, which spearheaded the 30 June mass protests, calls for the restoration of Egyptian sovereignty in petition targeting foreign aid and Camp David

The Rebel Campaign (Tamarod) has launched on its official website a petition to demand the cancellation of both US aid and the Camp David peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

"After the unacceptable American intervention in Egyptian affairs, and how the US supports terrorist groups in Egypt, I demand as an Egyptian citizen who signed this petition to hold a referendum on two matters. The first, to refuse US aid ... in all its forms. The second, to cancel the peace agreement between Egypt and the Israeli entity and rewording security agreements in order to ensure the rights of the Egyptian state in securing its borders," the petition reads, launched Saturday.

Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1979.

The Tamarod drive to cancel US aid and the Israel peace treaty is labelled "Reviving National Sovereignty."

"National sovereignty has been broken for many years and it is time to restore it," the Rebel Campaign said in explaining the petition.

Tamarod has already joined the "No to Aid" campaign that started 1 August 2013, calling for the cancellation of US aid.

The Rebel Campaign spearheaded calls for the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi, leading to mass demonstrations 30 June. The campaign managed to collect, by its own count, more than 22 million signatures on a petition calling for Morsi to step down and for early presidential elections to be held.

In an interview with Reuters published Saturday, Mahmoud Badr, co-founder of Tamarod, stated that he had a message for US President Barack Obama who expressed concern regarding the crackdown against Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

"I tell you, President Obama, why don't you and your small, meaningless aid go to hell?" said Badr, accusing Washington of "unacceptable interference in Egypt's internal affairs."

"We only respect those who respect us and our will and reject those who don't, and that is the motto of the new Egyptian foreign policy," Badr said. "I hope President Obama reads that and knows it," he added.

US aid is spilt between $1.3 billion in military aid and around $250 million in economic aid to Egypt annually.

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