First Brotherhood official statement on Supreme Guide arrest

Ahram Online , Tuesday 20 Aug 2013

Brotherhood spokesman publishes on his Facebook page the first official statement on the arrest of their Supreme Guide Mohamed Badei

Mohamed Badi in custodey
Egyptian Interior Ministry handout shows Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie at a police station after being arrested by security forces in Cairo (Photo:Reuters)

In their first official statement since the arrest of their Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie on Monday, Muslim Brotherhood Spokesperson Ahmed Aref says his arrest was neither political nor partisan, but rather a plot against the January 25 Revolution.

"Dr Mohamed Badie is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Brotherhood is a member in the National Coalition to Support Legitimacy and [we] reject the coup" said Aref on his Facebook page, adding no one as the authority to take away Egyptians' right to a safe life.

"We repeat that the issue is neither political or partisan, but rather a plot that did not start on 30 June [when major protests demanded early presidential elections to oust Brotherhood-fielded Morsi] but was planned since 11 February 2011 when Mr president Hosni Mubarak [was ousted and ] assigned the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to rule the country," Aref charged.

"Nevertheless the revolution will not die; the coup is terrorism and our peacefulness is stronger than bullets" he continued.

Mohamed Badie was arrested Monday night by security forces in an apartment near Rabaa Al-Adawiya Square, the site of weeks-long protests pushing for Morsi's reinstatement that was violently dispersed on Wednesday.

Other political forces and groups in Egypt began to react to his arrest. Co-founder of Tamarod (Rebel) campaign that organised the 30 June protests, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, described Badie's arrest as an important step in the revolution and counter-terrorism.

Abdel Aziz said on his Facebook account that it was important to disband the Brotherhood, confiscate its financial sources and officially deem it a terrorist organisation.

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