Islamist alliance encourages civil disobedience in Egypt

Ahram Online, Tuesday 20 Aug 2013

Egypt’s National Alliance to Support Legitimacy calls for gradual peaceful civil disobedience

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy has called for a gradual escalation that would lead to civil disobedience in protest against what it described as a military coup in Egypt.

The Islamist coalition, however, reiterated its refusal for violence and sabotage.

In a statement released Tuesday on Egypt’s crisis and future, the alliance said: "For the first time in its history, Egypt is currently witnessing a period of turmoil which stands as a clear threat to the country's unity and stability."

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, an umbrella group led by the Muslim Brotherhood in support of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, stressed that it had warned of chaos that could take place as a result of the 30 June mass protests, which were followed by Morsi’s overthrow at the hands of the armed forces.

The Islamist coalition accused Minister of Defence Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who is widely believed to be the de-facto ruler of Egypt despite appointing civil interim President Adly Mansour, of planning to "abduct Egypt.”

The statement also denounces both the "leaders and government of the coup's killing of peaceful protesters" in a number of incidents, expressing disapproval of the former's current use of media as a ‘propaganda machine’ that seeks to tarnish the image of “anti-coup” protesters.

Tensions have been escalating in Egypt after more than 600 were killed in deadly violence that erupted after security forces forcibly broke up two protest camps set up by Morsi loyalists last Wednesday.

Violence flared in Cairo and elsewhere over the past four days, driving the death toll up to 800.

Sinai, 'fight through peaceful means'

The coalition stressed in the statement a number of points regarding the recent Sinai attacks, the destruction of property, and the continuation of protests by calling for acts of civil disobedience.

The alliance said that the Sinai attack was "orchestrated" by the government to "distract" the people from the "Abu Zaabal massacre," in which over 37 detainees were killed on Sunday.

The Islamist group also denounced acts of aggression and attacks on public buildings, churches, police stations and governorate buildings.

It asserted that it holds on to its “peaceful principles” and that it is the Egyptian police, which “boasts a long history of devising such disastrous events to maintain their grip on power.”

What Egypt is currently witnessing is a “People's revolution to take back the 25 January Revolution,” the alliance said.

In response to El-Sisi’s remarks on the security forces’ dispersal operation, the Islamist coalition said the leader of the “coup,” El-Sisi, has recently come out with statements declaring that the people have one of two choices, either "give in" or be prosecuted. “The people, however, have said their word and will continue to fight for their cause through peaceful means.”

The Islamist group also called on the people and human rights organisations to document the massacres committed against peaceful protesters and to seek the prosecution of the “murderers.”

The statement concluded with calls for gradual peaceful civil disobedience. "The honorable men of this country have been calling for civil disobedience through the boycott of the pro-coup media, businesses that sponsor the coup, in addition to boycotting the products of the countries who support the coup."

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