Egypt ex-VP ElBaradei's party 'shocked' over lawsuit

Ahram Online , Wednesday 21 Aug 2013

Constitution Party reeling from charges against ElBaradei of 'breaching national trust' says the lawsuite is simply a part of a strange campaign against the former VP

Mohamed El Baradei, founder of Constitution Party (Photo: Reuters)

Constitution Party Media Secretary Khaled Dawoud expresses his "shock" at news that the party's founder and former Egyptian vice president Mohamed ElBaradei may face trial for having resigned, calling the legal petition part of a campaign against ElBaradei.

Helwan University criminal law professor Ahmed El-Ateeq filed a case against ElBaradei this week charging he "breached national trust."

"No official was ever charged in any country in the world with a crime for simply resigning from his post," Dawoud maintains.

Dawoud argues, however, that El-Ateeq used financial law in his case against ElBaradei, which he says doesn't apply, according to the Constitution Party's press release.

He adds that reviewing such a case so quickly - a Cairo court set the trial date for 19 September, which also coincides with the judges' annual holiday - is proof of a "rabid campaign aimed at tarnishing [ElBaradei's] reputation and stances." He also points out that this isn't the first time the Constitution Party has stood against a campaign against them.

ElBaradei resigned citing that he could not bear the responsibility for decisions that led to violence witnessed at the dispersal of sit-ins on 14 August that were pressing to reinstate president Mohamed Morsi. Protests against the violent dispersal erupted in the days following, with hundreds dying and thousands injured in clashes.

Before the sit-ins were evicted, ElBaradei was widely attacked in many Egyptian media outlets for allegedly standing in the way of calls to disperse the sit-in.

After he resigned attacks intensified, saying he disappointed his party and the country.

The Constitution Party concluded with a warning from Dawoud that such lawsuits would only increase internal strife in Egypt by standing against any voice that "attempts to exit the polarised atmosphere Egypt has entered."

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