Egypt's Rebel campaign blames Morsi for Mubarak's release order

Ahram Online , Wednesday 21 Aug 2013

Egypt's anti-Morsi Rebel youth group calls on interim president to use his legislative power to detain ousted president Mubarak after court ordered his release

Egypt's Rebel (Tamarod) campaign said Wednesday that they are "not surprised" by ousted president Hosni Mubarak’s release on Wednesday by a Cairo appeal court.

Tamarod charged that "the complicity of Morsi and his prosecutor general" has led for this recent decision to set Mubarak free, saying that the Egyptian people should demand the retrial of Mubarak, his officials, along with the trial of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi and his allies.

"The January 25 Revolution and its continuing wave of 30 June will not stand and watch the killers of the martyrs [of the January 25 uprising] acquitted. If acquittal is granted to Mubarak today, it will be granted to Morsi tomorrow," the statement read.

The grassroots campaign blamed Morsi and his prosecutor-general for their "refusal to investigate the criminal charges against Mubarak and his officials" during his one year in power.

Morsi had reiterated during his one year in power that he was facing "hidden hands" that were holding him from prosecuting and incriminating Mubarak and his "remnant regime."

The Rebel campaign went on to call for a popular trial to prosecute Mubarak as they will "not be silent for the acquittal of the murderer of the Egyptian population."

Mubarak received Wednesday release order by a Cairo court of appeal pending further investigations in a case of illegally receiving gifts from Ahram publisher.

Mubarak is due to be set free within the next 48 hours, if the prosecution does not appeal.

The Rebel youth group also called on both interim President Adly Mansour and Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi to use their legal authorities to detain Mubarak as his arrest will have a “danger to the Egyptian national security” amid the current imposed emergency period.

The grassroots campaign said it will make use of its perspective mambers in the 50-member committee, which will write a final draft for a national charter, to push for constitutional articles that could allow for the prosecution of the ousted Mubarak and his cabinet on charges of corruption and negligence.

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