NSF rejects drafted amended parliamentary articles in Constitution

Ahram Online , Thursday 22 Aug 2013

The NSF declares that return to the individual candidacy system in parliamentary elections will bring back the regimes ousted by the Egyptian people

The National Salvation Front (NSF) declared its rejection of the draft amendments of the parliamentary election articles in the 2012 constitution.

In a joint press conference on Wednesday with Ahmed El Muslimany, the interim president's media advisor, Siyad El Badawy, the leader of Al Wafd Party, which is a member of the front, declared the its rejection of the amendments proposed by the 10-member committee in the parliamentary elections articles in the 2012 constitution.

"There is a constitutional contradiction between the individual candidacy electoral system where a semi-parliamentary system is adopted but the majority party has the right to form the cabinet," the Al Wafd Party leader stated.

"The individual candidacy parliamentary electoral system will result in reproducing regimes that were ousted in two revolutions and will waste votes as the winner only needs 50% to win," El Badawy said.

The leader of Al Wafd Party also added that the individual candidacy system allowed the use of money in elections, and had asked Al Muslimany to convey the National Salvation Front's objections to interim president Adly Mansour.

"It will not allow for better representation of youth, women or Christians in the parliament," he added.

In the 2012 constitution the electoral parliamentary system adopted was a mix between the individual candidacy and party list system.

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