Egypt's Islamists call fresh protests, despite arrests and falling turnout

Ahram Online, Saturday 24 Aug 2013

The Islamist National Alliance to Support Legitimacy call for fresh 'anti-coup' protests, despite dwindling turnout last week and a wave of arrests of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members

File Photo: Supporters of Egypt's ousted president Mohammed Morsi chant slogans (Photo: AP)

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (NASL) — the Islamist umbrella group for supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi — has announced another week of protests, dubbed "The people lead their revolution," saying the recent arrests of its leaders would not weaken the group, asserting it would continue to press its demands.

Despite the relatively low turnout in recent demonstrations, the NASL, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, called on supporters to take to the streets afresh.

More than a dozen Brotherhood and Islamist leading figures were arrested recently on various charges, including inciting violence. Hundreds of Brotherhood members and supporters were arrested nationwide.

The Muslim Brotherhood has called on people to "take to the streets against the coup" peacefully, and to "innovate peaceful measures" to pressure the country's interim leadership.

It added in a statement Friday that its "revolution against the coup should not subside."

It also condemned the media, saying it is biased against the group, portraying a false image about their demonstrations by claiming that they instigate violence on the street.

Islamists have been protesting what they deem a "coup" against Morsi when the army dismissed him 3 July amid mass nationwide demonstrations. The main demand of the NASL is Morsi's reinstatement.

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