Egypt police making 'extensive efforts' to combat extremism: Interior Minister

Ahram Online, Tuesday 27 Aug 2013

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim says police are combating extremist groups and uncovering potential plans to destabilise country

Interior Minister
Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim (Photo: Ahram Online archive)

Egyptian police are making "extensive efforts" to overcome “extremist hotbeds," Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said on Tuesday.

During a meeting with security directors, Ibrahim said the ministry was combating "attempts to revive the activities of [extremist] elements" and uncovering "any potential plans that could undermine the country's security and stability."

In July, Ibrahim announced the revival of departments of state security tasked with fighting extremism and monitoring political and religious activity, which had been terminated after the January 25 Revolution.

On Tuesday, he said recent "terrorist" acts were "expected" due to the current political situation.

He also spoke about criminal activity, saying security forces were increasing their presence at checkpoints, main roads and travel routes.

Tensions have been high nationwide, particularly in Cairo, following police raids on Islamist sit-ins and subsequent clashes in mid-August, which have left over 1,000 dead, including around 51 policemen.

Violence raged across the country after the dispersal of the sit-ins, with attacks on police stations, government buildings, churches and clashes between protesters, local residents and police.

A state of emergency was introduced, followed by a curfew in 14 governorates, which after violence started to subside, is now being implemented from 9pm until 6am daily.

According to the Front for the Defence of Egyptian Protesters, 1,876 protesters were arrested and 11 declared missing between 14 and 21 August.

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