Questioning of Brotherhood supreme guide adjourned for health reasons

Ahram Online , Wednesday 28 Aug 2013

Egypt's Prisons Department advises prosecution to adjourn investigation as Mohamed Badie is suffering from fatigue

On Wednesday, the Prisons Department requested that prosecution adjourn investigations regarding Mohamed Badie, Supreme Guide of the Muslim brotherhood, as he is suffering from fatigue.

The General Prosecution has been asked to defer their interrogation of Badie for a couple of days until his health has improved and he is able to stand trial.

Badie is awaiting interogation concerning various charges of incitement and murder.

According to the Prisons Department, Badie has been interrogated repeatedly over the last few days, leading to extreme fatigue.

Badie has already been referred to the Criminal Court for inciting the murder of peaceful protesters in front of the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Moktam during the 30 June clashes.

He is also being investigated on charges of attempted murder, incitement of murder and incitement of chaos during the Rabaa Al-Adawiya sit-in, as well as in the clashes of Bein El Sarayat, at the Republican Guards Club and outside the Presidential Palace.

Mohamed Badie was arrested last week in Cairo by security forces.

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