Egypt won't partake in strike against Syria: Foreign Minister

Ahram Online , Thursday 29 Aug 2013

The Egyptian foreign minister says Egypt repudiates the use of chemical weapons in Syria, but 'strongly opposes' a military strike

Nabil Fahmy
Egypt's new Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy (Photo: Reuters)

Although Egypt condemns the use of chemical weapons in Syria, it will not partake in any military strikes, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Minister Nabil Fahmy urged the international community to hold those behind the use of chemical weapons accountable once the UN inspectors' report issues conclusive information.

"Egypt will not take part in any military strike and strongly opposes it in line with its opposition to any foreign military intervention in Syria," read a statement published in the Egyptian Foreign Ministry official website.

Fahmy denounced practices by President Bashar Al-Assad's forces against the Syrian people and called upon the country's warring sides and Western powers to swiftly proceed with the UN-backed Geneva-2 conference in order to forge a political resolution to the Syrian crisis, added the statement.  

The statement came amid threats by the United States and its Western allies of an imminent strike on Syria to punish Bashar Al-Assad's regime over an alleged poison gas attack on some rebel-held suburbs of Damascus last week that killed hundreds of people.

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