Egypt presidency announces names of alternates for constitution committee

MENA , Sunday 1 Sep 2013

Names of alternative members of the committee to amend the constitution were released by the presidency Sunday evening

Egypt's presidency released late on Sunday the names of 49 alternative members for the committee to amend the suspended 2012 constitution.

Earlier on Sunday, Egypt's presidency announced the names of the 50-member-committee tasked with amending the constitution.


Here is a run-down of the 49 alternatives:


- Three figures were nominated for Al-Azhar: Mohamed El-Shahat El-Guindy, Mohamed Abdel-Samad, and Mohga Ghaleb Abdel-Rahman.

- Judges Monsef Soliman, Gameel Habib, and Makram Lamei were listed as alternative members for Egypt's churches.

- Representing the youth are: Amr Ahmed Ibrahim, Moatamer Amin, Maha Abou Bakr and Wael Attiya.

- Mohamed El-Mkhzengy for the Egyptian writers union, Sameh El-Sreity for the Federation of Artistic Trade Unions, Mostafa Hussein for the Fine and Applied arts sector and Ahmed Abdel-Moeti Hegazy for the Supreme Council of Culture.

- Mohamed Wahab Allah and Yousry Maarouf are substitutes for the Labour federations.

- Mohamed El-Dabsh - head of the peasant's syndicate in the governorate of Matrouh and Mohamed Rashed - general head of the peasant's unions of Upper Egypt will both sub for the farmers union.

- Deputy head of the Lawyers' Syndicate Magdi Ahmed Nagi will be on stand-by to represent the lawyers.

- Rapporteur of the scientic committee Khaled Emara will be the reserve for the Doctors' Syndicate.

- Consulting engineer Hussein Saboor will be the alternate for the engineers.

- Gamal Fahmy will be the alternate for the Journalists' Syndicate.

- Head of Tour Guides Moataz El-Sayed is to sub for the tourism chambers.

- Head of the Federation of Industries Mohamed Zaki El-Sweedi on behalf of the Chamber of Industry.

- The Chamber of Commerce could be represented by its treasurer Mohamed Attiya Fayoumi.

- Egypt's Students' Union could be represented by its president Hesham Ashraf Farag.

- Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat will be the alternate for non-governmental organisations.

- Amna Noseir is the alternate for the National Council for women.

- Nehad Abu-Qemsan is to represent the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood.

- Omaima Idris is to represent the Supreme Council of Universities.

- Lawyer Nasser Amin is the alternate for the National Council for Human Rights.

- Poet Salah Abdel-Maqsoud will represent the National Council for Challenging Disabilities.

- Vice-president of the Supreme court of military appeals General Maher Manaa Gad El-Haq will sub for the army.

- The Islamic currrent will be represented by Salafist Nour Party Mohamed Saad Gawish and Islamic thinker Nageh Ibrahim on stand-by.

- The liberal current could be represented by Naguib Abadeer of the liberal Free Egyptians Party, or Mohamed El-Orabi, the head of the liberal Conference Party.

- Safaa Zaki Murad of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party stands-in for the leftist current, while Salah El-Din desouki, head of the Nasserist Popular Conference Party, is the sub for the nationalist curent.

The alternates also include several public figures, such as Judge Ahmed Rashwan, Judge Medhat Saad El-Din, Journalist Ibrahim Issa, former diplomat and novelist Ezz El-Din Choukri Fischere and script-writer Waheed Hamed. Public figures also include Mohamed Kbeish, Osama Al-Azhari, Wasim El-Sisi, Salah Eissa and Leila Tekla.

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