Brotherhood's Badie faces new charges of inciting violence

El-Sayed Gamaledine , Sunday 1 Sep 2013

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie is given another 15-day detention for 'instigating attack on police station in downtown Cairo'

The head of Al-Azbakia prosecution, Mohamed Hatta, ordered on Sunday evening that Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie be detained for 15 more days, pending investigations into charges of inciting violence against security and the raiding of Al-Azbakia police station last August in Downtown Cairo's Ramsees street.

Badie has also been accused of managing an armed gang, destroying public facilities, blocking roads and halting transportation.

He denied all accusations against him during questioning.

On 18 August, fierce clashes erupted at Al-Fath mosque in Ramses Square, central Cairo, between Morsi supporters and opponents, as well as with security forces. Around 1500 pro-Morsi protesters sought refuge inside Al-Fath Mosque in Cairo's Ramses district, demanding "safe exit" from the area.

Gunshots were allegedly fired inside the mosque and security services shot back before storming the mosque and arresting those inside.

Prosecutors ordered the arrest of 260 supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi on charges of forming an illegal organisation, inciting murder and breaking into Azbakeya police station in Cairo’s Ramses Square.

Badie's 15 day-detention will commence once his provisional detention period regarding other pending charges comes to an end, according to the prosecution.

The Muslim Brotherhood leader, who was arrested on 20 August, has been charged, along with several prominent Muslim Brotherhood figures, of inciting the murder of protesters at the group’s headquarters in the Cairo district of Moqattam.

Seventy-year old Badie reportedly suffered a heart attack on Saturday in Tora prison. According to a security source, his condition is stable and a team of doctors were sent to the prison to examine him.

Meanwhile, earlier on Sunday night, Egypt's prosecutor-general ordered the referral of cases against deposed president Mohamed Morsi and 14 other defendants to criminal court, concerning their alleged responsibility for clashes that took place last December in front of Al-Itihidaya presidential palace in Cairo.

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