Rebel campaign hails 'diverse' constitution committee

Ahram Online , Monday 2 Sep 2013

Two organisers of the anti-Morsi 'Rebel' campaign were given seats on the committee, which will amend Egypt's constitution

Mai Wahba, a spokesperson for the 'Rebel' (Tamarod) group, hailed on Monday the make-up of the 50-member constitution committee announced on Sunday.

The committee, selected by the presidency, is tasked with drafting amendments to the suspended 2012 constitution. A 10-member technical committee has already made a list of proposed amendments for the larger body to examine.

Wahba told Al-Ahram’s Arabic website that the committee was diverse and representative, saying that the anti-Morsi Rebel campaign's proposals were met to a large extent.

Campaign organisers Mahmoud Badr and Mohamed Abdel-Aziz were included in the list of 50 members, which included few Islamists or critics of the ouster of Mohamed Morsi by the army on 3 July.

The group is due to meet presidential media consultant Ahmed El-Muslimany on Tuesday. The group, Wahba said, will hold a press conference detailing the outcome of the meeting.

El-Muslimany is holding a series of meetings with the different political groups.  On Wednesday, a meeting was held with the Salafist Nour Party, also represented in the constitutional committee.

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