Pro-Morsi alliance criticises Egypt's authorities 60 days after ouster

Ahram Online, Tuesday 3 Sep 2013

Pro-Morsi forces stage demos on Tuesday to mark the 60 day ouster of former president

Egypt's National Coalition in Support of Legitimacy (NCSL), the Islamist alliance supporting deposed president Mohamed Morsi, said on Tuesday that Egypt has suffered a myriad of political and economic losses since the former elected president was ousted on 3 July.
Marking 60 days since Morsi's overthrow by the armed forces, following mass popular protests, the NCSL issued a statement listing the losses they think Egypt has sustained under the "coup authorities," including: the closure of several factories, the incurring of more debts, and the renewed state of emergency, which is due to end in less than two weeks.
"Sixty days have passed since the coup of the 3 July 2013 against the first elected civilian president for Egypt," the statement reads. "The Egyptian people have been subject to a forgery of history that might be the worst in the history of mankind."
"The authorities of the coup have committed the worst crimes against humanity; They killed, burned, and tortured patriotic and Islamist figures, twisted facts … and the Egyptian economy was dealt major blows from the first moment."
The pro-Morsi Islamist forces have staged demos on Tuesday to mark the day, with a turnout of protesters estimated in the thousands.
The interim authorities resorted to forcible eviction of the pro-Morsi sit-ins at Rabaa Al-Adawiya and Al-Nahda squares (in Cairo and Giza) on 14 August, leaving hundreds dead, predominantly from the Islamist camp. This was followed by a stream of arrests of prominent Brotherhood and Islamist leaders, who have been given an array of criminal charges.
Two days after the deadly dispersals, Friday 16 August saw large heated rallies supporting Morsi, who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood, as the day was marked by exchanges in live fire and dozens of deaths.
However, the last two Fridays have been much calmer, with a lower turnout at planned pro-Morsi protests, fueling speculation the security clampdown on the Muslim Brotherhood has left them crippled.
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