ElBaradei car attacked while he tries to vote

Ahram Online, Saturday 19 Mar 2011

Nobel prize winner forced to beat a retreat from polling station

Mohamed ElBaradei
Mohamed ElBaradei (C), former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, leaves a polling station where he wanted to cast his vote for a constitution referendum in Cairo (Photo: Reuters)

Presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei was attacked at around five this afternoon while on his way to cast his vote at the Shaimaa School in Moqattam.

“He left his car and was headed to the polling station when a group of what looked like Salafists surrounded him and began chanting ‘we don’t want you,’” says Mahmoud El Hetta, one of the founding members of the Independent People’s Campaign in Support of ElBaradei. “He returned to his car but before he could leave they attacked his car and smashed the glass in the rear window.”

Other reports claim that the attackers were thugs associated to the NDP and security services.

ElBaradei was unable to vote and left the area. It had been reported earlier today that ElBaradei was returning to Egypt from a trip to India to cast his vote in today’s national referendum.

He later wrote on twitter that he and members of his family were attacked while they were trying to vote.

"Went to vote with [my] family attacked by organized thugs. Car smashed with rocks. Holding referendum in absence of law and order is an irresponsible act," he tweeted. "Top figures of Mubarak regime still at large undermining revolution. Something is terribly wrong!!"

ElBaradei has been urging Egyptians to vote “No” to the constitutional amendments, while many Islamic groups have been campaigning for a “Yes” vote. It was reported earlier today that Salafist groups across the country have been telling people that voting “No” is sinful and goes against Sharia law.

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