Demo in Cairo against military intervention in Syria

MENA , Friday 6 Sep 2013

Protesters gather in Cairo to reject possible military intervention in Syria

Dozens gathered on Friday in Cairo’s Sayyeda Zeinab square to oppose a possible US military strike against Syria.

Protesters chanted against both US leader Barack Obama and his French counterpart Francois Hollande.

The protest comes amid discussions by the United States and its western allies of a possible strike on Syria in response to a chemical attack on the rebel-held suburbs of Damascus that killed hundreds of people.

Bashar Al-Assad’s government has denied responsibility for the chemical attack, blaming the incident instead on anti-regime rebel groups, although the US and its allies have rejected these claims.

Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour told a US Congress delegation on Thursday that Egypt does not support an US decision on a military attack on Syria taken individually, denouncing the US's insistence on acting "without the approval of the UN security council and without commitment to international legitimacy.”

On 29 August, Egypt’s foreign minister stated that Egypt repudiates the use of chemical weapons in Syria, but it will not take part in any military strike and strongly opposes it in line with its opposition to any foreign military intervention in Syria.

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