Egypt police defuse bombs on railroad tracks

AP, Saturday 7 Sep 2013

Three mortar rounds defused near Egypt's Suez Canal

An Egyptian security official says bomb disposal experts have defused three mortar rounds placed on railway tracks near the Suez Canal, two days after a failed assassination attempt on the country's security chief.

Meanwhile, Egypt's prosecutor general charged Mohammed Morsi with "assaulting" the judiciary for accusing 22 judges of forging election results in 2005. The new charges add to the list of accusations filed against the ousted Islamist president. Morsi has been held incommunicado since his July 3 overthrow.

The mortar rounds were found tied to railway tracks linking the Suez Canal cities of Suez and Ismailiya, the official said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press. On Friday, two other explosive devices were defused near Cairo.

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