Brother of Al-Qaeda's Zawahri re-arrested

Sherif Tarek , Sunday 20 Mar 2011

Just two days after being released from jail, the brother of Al-Qaeda’s number two man has been re-arrested

Mohamed Al-Zawahri, brother of Al-Qaeda number two man, Ayman Al-Zawahri, has been arrested Sunday just two days following his release, says his lawyer, Mamdouh Ismail.          

The jihadist organisation member was released after the ruling military council had decided to gradually free all political detainees, who are understood to be several thousands. 

Ismail told Reuters that a large number of security personnel, including plain-clothed policemen, arrested Mohamed at home in a Cairo suburb.

He also said the whereabouts of his client, who had spent ten years in prison, remain unknown.

The General Human Rights Committee, affiliated with the lawyers’ syndicate, denounced Mohamed’s detention.

“Citizen Mohamed Rabie Al-Zawahri should have been officially informed of any reason for the arrest, even if it was under the emergency law,” read a statement made by the committee.

“His attorney should have been notified of the arrest as well as his current location, which hasn’t happened up until now. His family and lawyer have no idea where he is.”

“The committee hopes” the statement continued “the law and human rights are better preserved [by the authorities] in the new era.”

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