State of emergency restores Mubarak's regime: Brotherhood

Ahram Online, Sunday 15 Sep 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood criticises the decision to extend the state of emergency in Egypt, saying it provides cover for the reconstitution of the regime the January 25 Revolution rose up to end

Interim president Adly Mansour extended the state of emergency last week

The Muslim Brotherhood said Sunday that re-enacting emergency law restores the regime of ousted president Hosni Mubarak and overturns the principles and objectives of the January 25 Revolution.

In a statement published on its Facebook page, the Brotherhood criticised Interim President Adly Mansour for the extension of the state of emergency, claiming that it can be imposed only in three situations: times of war, epidemics and civil strife.

“We don’t know which of these situations the judge [decided was in effect] to sign the decision,” added the Brotherhood, from which deposed president Mohamed Morsi hails.

Furthermore, the statement criticised what it considers to be decision makers' indifference to the dire economic conditions of Egyptians.

“The state of emergency is an exception that deprives people of their rights and eliminates ordinary laws,” the Brotherhood added.

Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour decided Thursday afternoon to extend the state of emergency for two months.

The state of emergency was first imposed 14 August amid clashes that followed the bloody dispersal of two sit-ins of supporters of Morsi in Cairo that left more than 600 dead and over 40 officers killed.

A night-to-morning curfew was also imposed in 14 governorates. Authorities say the curfew could be relaxed, depending on the security situation in the country.

The presidency declared in a statement that the renewal of emergency law was in response to "assaults on public and private property as well as killings by extremist groups."

Meanwhile, Egyptian security has been targeting leading Muslim Brotherhood members and cadres in a proclaimed campaign “against terror,” often accusing the detainees of inciting and funding violence.

Several hundred Brotherhood members have been arrested including, Mohamed Badie, the supreme guide of the group.  

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