Muslim Brotherhood organises small protest near Alexandria

Ahram online, Sunday 15 Sep 2013

Muslim Brotherhood protesters demonstrated on Sunday to commemorate the violent dispersal of two major Islamist camps a month ago

Brotherhood protests
A Muslim Brotherhood protest in Cairo, on 23 August 2013 (Reuters photo)

Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood protesters formed human chains on Sunday on the outskirts of the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, denouncing the violent dispersal of two major Islamist camps a month ago.

Protesters stood in the town of Burg Al-Arab, west of Alexandria, carrying pictures of ousted president Mohamed Morsi and yellow posters showing a hand with four raised fingers, a symbol that has been widely used in solidarity with the Cairo sit-ins at Rabaa Al-Adawiya mosque.

Hundreds died and many more were injured on 14 August when security forces disbanded two pro-Morsi sit-ins that had been established for weeks at Nahda Square, near Cairo university, and at the Rabaa Al-Adawiya mosque in the east of Cairo.

Protesters carried banners declaring, “down with the military rule.”

Islamist president Mohamed Morsi was ousted by the military on 3rd July, following mass protests calling for his departure.

Brotherhood supporters also planned on Sunday to paralyse Cairo’s Metro traffic. However, security was tightened at major stations, according to Al-Ahram's Arabic news website, and trains were functioning as normal with no signs of protest by midday.

In recent weeks, protests organised by Islamist groups and their supporters have witnessed a decrease in numbers, amid a fierce security crackdown on members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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