Mansour to replace El-Zarqa as Nour Party member in constitution committee

Ahram Online , Thursday 19 Sep 2013

Bassam El-Zarqa is being replaced by another Nour Party official after resigning on the grounds of ill-health

Member of Salafist Nour Party Bassam El-Zarqa (Photo: Al-Ahram)

Interim President Adly Mansour has appointed a new member of the Salafist Nour Party to the 50-member constitutional committee to replace Bassam El-Zarqa.

Ihab Badawi, the official spokesperson of the president, said that the change had been made at the request of the Nour Party.

The appointee is Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel-Hamid Mansour, with Salah Abdel-Maboud as a reserve.

The constitutional committee is currently in the process of amending the suspended 2012 constitution.

El-Zarqa initially withdrew from a session on Monday in objection to the refusal of the committee to amend Article 2 in the constitution by replacing the text "principles of Islamic sharia" with "rules of Islamic sharia" as the foundation of legislation, or removing both formulations altogether.

Both proposals were dismissed by the head and members of the sub-committee responsible for the issue.

On Wednesday the party announced that El-Zarqa, a leading member and co-founder of the Nour Party will not return to the committee due to health reasons.

According to the presidential decree, Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Mansour will be the primary representative of the Nour Party and Salah Abdel-Maboud will be his replacement if Mansour is unable to continue in his work.

On Wednesday Nour Party officials held a meeting with Al-Azhar to discuss the party's concerns about the constitution, in particular the references to Islamic sharia.  

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