Egypt court to determine fate of Brotherhood on Monday

Ahram Online , Sunday 22 Sep 2013

The 85 year-old Muslim Brotherhood faces threat of dissolution by court verdict on Monday

A Cairo court for urgent matters is scheduled to utter its verdict on Monday regarding the future of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The 85 year-old movement has been challenged by a lawsuit filed by the leftist Tagammu party, which has demanded the Brotherhood’s dissolution and the confiscation of its leaders' funds.

The lawsuit is also demanding a ban on any Muslim Brotherhood activity in the country and a freeze on its finances.

Monday’s verdict is not the only threat to the fate of the Islamist group. On 2 September, Egypt's State Commissioners Authority, a body that advises the government on legal issues, recommended the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood after claims circulated of the group's links to armed militias.

The Authority’s recommendations - which are non-binding - were made in accordance with Law 84 of 2002, which prohibits non-government organisations and institutions from forming paramilitary groups.

In March 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood, outlawed since the 1950s, was officially registered as a non-governmental organisation by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Egyptian authorities launched a crackdown against the Brotherhood following the ouster of president Mohamed Morsi - who hails from the group - by the military on 3 July amid mass protests against his rule.

The group's spiritual leader, Mohamed Badie, and most of the group's prominent members have been detained and face charges of inciting violence against their opponents.

On 14 July, Egyptian prosecutors froze the assets of a number of senior Brotherhood leaders and other Islamist allies, as part of ongoing investigations into the incitement of violence during several protests over the last few months.

Badie, Deputy Supreme Guide Khairat El-Shater, Secretary General Ezzat Ibrahim and senior member Mohamed El-Beltagy are among tens of prominent Islamists who have been arrested. 

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