Tourism administration in Egypt shakes up

Dalia Farouq, Tuesday 22 Mar 2011

Controversial Egyptian tourism unions and chambers are dissolved after court deems them corrupt

Controversy surrounds the government tourism sector in Egypt and, in response, the newly appointed minister of tourism has dissolved all the tourism unions and chambers.

A court ruled that the tourism union’s corruption infiltrated the union elections and chambers. Accordingly, the new minister of tourism, Mounir Fahkry Abdel Nour, acted upon the judicial decision to dissolve all the sector's unions and chambers.

In absence of leaders, the minister will appoint a committee to administer the union. The committee, in turn, will prepare new elections that will take place within six months.

The court ruled the elections as void after procedual flaws stemming from the former tourism minister, Zohair Garana, having decreased the number of chamber members from 15 to 12, contravening the law.

Accordingly some members of the General Assembly filed a case with the court in 2008. Garana ignored the court's subsequent ruling that the elections were void, necessitating that the chambers were to be dissolved.

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